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20 Plants with Heart-Shaped Leaves (Indoor & Outdoor)

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Gifting plants with heart-shaped leaves to your loved ones are a perfect way of boosting a romantic life.

These plants with heart-shaped leaves have provided a great look for my garden.

Also, gifting them to loved ones has helped in building trust and love in their hearts.

So, here are the 20 Plants with Heart Shaped Leaves that you can plant in your garden:

Indoor Plants

Let’s begin with the list of indoor plants with heart-shaped leaves.

The indoor plants are the ones with the most decorative heart-shaped leaves. In very little time, you can grow the desirable indoor plants that you have ever dreamed of.

In addition to that, these indoor hear-shaped plants are low maintenance that will not require much hard work.

Growing indoor plants may be troublesome if you have pets in your house. So, check our content on 20 Low Light Indoor Plants Safe for Dogs and Cats.

These are some of the best indoor plants with heart-shaped leaves:

#1 Valentine Plantvalentine plant in a pod

Also known for Sweetheart Hoya, a valentine plant is the best gift you could give on Valentine’s Day because of its shape.

Furthermore, this plant with succulent-like green heart-shaped leaves doesn’t need much water and will grow in low light.

You can place this plant in a spot receiving bright, indirect light inside your house for its best growth.

#2 String of Heartsstring of hearts growing in a pot

This plant can be a great addition to your indoor gardening as they have trailing stems dotted with small, heart-shaped leaves which are usually green and silver.

Furthermore, this plant is very easy to grow and propagate which can survive even in uninhibited conditions.

While growing, place them in bright sunlight and, let the soil dry out before watering.

#3 Money Plantpicture of money plant hanging

You probably have heard about money plants. These plants with heart-shaped leaves are one of the best and easiest maintenance indoor plants.

In addition to that, you can grow money plants very quickly even in a pot. Money plant is best known for bringing positivity, good luck, and for purifying the air.

In fact, the heart-shaped leaves of this plant help to remove toxins and improve the room’s condition.

#4 Anthuriumpicture of anthurium plant with red and green color

Want to add a big smile to your heart? Try planting anthurium plant.

This plant with just its leaves looks just as attractive as the plant with lots of colorful flowers. You can observe a bright red color when the heart-shaped leaves bloom.

While growing this plant, place them in bright, indirect light for the best blooms. And, for watering, you don’t require much. Just add a little while the soil drys out.

#5 Philodendronpicture of philodendron plant in a pot

Philodendrons are plants with big heart-shaped leaves. They are attractive indoor plants that add the complete spec you require for your home.

Place them in partial sunlight with lots of spacing between the leaves for their proper growth.

Furthermore, you can also grow philodendron in water. If you are looking to grow plants in water, why not check our content on 20 Awesome Plants That Grow in Water.

#6 Heart Fernleaves of heart fern

This plant with heart-shaped leaves does great for adding nature and beauty to your home.

Also, the dark green, heart-shaped leaves of the heart fern plant help in making your room look warm and sexy.

Growing heart fern plant is difficult if it comes to humidity as they require plenty of humidity to look their best. So, keep the soil moist and place a humidifier in your room.

#7 Flowering Cyclamenflowering cyclamen in a pot

Just like Sweetheart Hoya, flowering cyclamen is the loveliest indoor plant that you can gift your loved one on valentine’s day.

These plants not only come with beautiful looking heart-shaped leaves but also with rose-red to blushing pink-colored bloom.

So, the combination of green-and-silver heart-shaped leaves with the beautiful bloom makes this plant one of the best on this list. You can grow this plant just like the above plants in bright and indirect light.

#8 Swiss Cheese Plantswiss cheese plant in flowering plant

Swiss cheese plants are renowned plants with big, heart-shaped leaves that can be added to your indoor collections.

These plants are easy to propagate and care for which helps in adding greenery to your house.

An interesting thing about swiss cheese plants is that they contain holes in their leaves called Fenestrations that help in protecting the plants against heavy winds.

#9 Arrowhead Plantgrowing arrowhead plant in a pot indoor

Arrowhead plants have big leaves whose structure assembles much like a heart-shaped one.

You can place these plants in hanging baskets and creative pots. Also, these plants are also edible in nature which helps in curing headaches and indigestions.

While growing this plant avoid exposing the plant to direct sunlight. And, do not overwater the plant.

Outdoor Plants

You not only can grow plants with heart-shaped leaves within your house, but you can also equally grow them outdoors too.

In fact, the plants can get much better nutrients in the outdoors as compared to the indoor plants and can exist for a long time.

Here are some of the best outdoor plants with heart-shaped leaves you can grow:

#10 Jack Frostpicture of jack frost plant in ground

Jack frost with their heart-shaped leaves and silver touch to them makes them one of the most attractive and popular outdoor plants to grow.

They have additional while leafing coloration and colorful spring flowers. So, growing this plant helps to beautify your garden.

#11 Redbud Hazelredbud hazel leaves

This late summer blooming plant with heart-shaped leaves is a great addition to your garden. Furthermore, this is a  perennial plant with deep green foliage.

They have attractive fall colors which can grow 10 feet wide and 20 feet tall. Redbud hazel grows well in partial sunlight.

#12 Bleeding Heartbleeding heart hanging in branches

Bleeding heart plants are best at springs when their heart-shaped leaves are developed just like a human heart.

Its pendant blooms with fern-like foliage can be found in different colors like red, white, and pink. Also, when the plant matures, it grows two to three feet taller.

#13 Hostaspicture of Hosta plants across fence

Hostas plants with heart-shaped leaves that are dark green colored with lighter green variegation are some of the most beautiful plants to grow in your garden.

In addition to that, this plant is great for those with small space to grow as many heart-shaped leaves are found within a plant. These plants are tough, versatile, and adaptable.

#14 Grandpa Ottpicture of grandpa Ott plant

Grandpa Ott is a climber plant with lovely heart-shaped leaves. It produces flowers with great visual appeal.

This combination of leaves as a blanket to support the flowers looks attractive. Hence, these plants are great for adding beauty to your garden.

#15 Dutchman’s Pipepicture of dutchman's pipe plant

Just like Grandpa Ott, Dutchman’s Pipe is also a climber plant that has a dramatic nature of heart-shaped leaves. This plant produces green-colored, smoker’s pipe-shaped flowers.

This late spring bloomer plant which has huge leaves can easily climb over 30 feet and spread around 20 feet.

Big Plants with Heart Shaped Leaves

So, we have highlighted some of the best shrubs and perennials plants with heart-shaped leaves that you can grow in your garden.

But, there’s something more:

Why not consider growing some big plants and trees in your garden?

These are some of the best-looking trees with heart-shaped leaves for your garden:

#16 Katsura Treepicture ok Katsura tree

Katsura tree is a very famous tree with strange heart-shaped leaves. Firstly, they form bronze color leaves but, later turn into bluish-green.

This outdoor plant with a pyramid shape at an early age and a round shape at a later age is a great addition to your garden that brings beauty and color.

They are slow-growing plants that require water to survive the dry seasons.

#17 Northern Catalpanorther catalpa's leaves and flowers

Commonly known as cigar plant, Northern Catalpa is a popular shade plant with giant heart-shaped leaves.

The large white trumpet-shaped flowers bloom during spring followed by cigar-shaped seed pods.

In addition, the relatively quick growth rate is what makes this plant popular.

#18 Silver Lindensilver linden's leaves

Siler Linden is a large deciduous plant with broad green heart-shaped leaves. The leaves are glossy green with a silvery sheen on the underside.

With erect branches, pyramidal shape, and a dense canopy, they look very attractive when blowing in the breeze.

Also, they are the summer plants that grow a small cluster of yellow fragrant flowers.

#19 Foxglove Treefoxglove tree's leaves and fruits

Foxglove tree, also known as Empress tree contains very large heart-shaped leaves up to a foot long with a velvety texture and fragrant.

This deciduous tree grows clusters of egg-shaped, green fruits in the summer which gradually turn brown in the winter. And, these fruits remain until the following spring.

Moreover, these trees can become invasive due to self-seeding habits.

#20 Henry’s Limehenrys lime's leaves growing in branches

This is also a deciduous tree with heart-shaped leaves. The leaves are green-colored with distinctive ciliate margins.

The cluster of fragrant flowers can be seen in autumn which is tiny pale (almost white).

So, these are the lists of plants with heart-shaped leaves that can be grown both indoors as well as outdoors.

The list contains different varieties of plants which include shrubs, perennials as well as some big plants (trees).

Now, let’s grow these plants and share some love.

Image credit: unsplash.com

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