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Easiest Tips on How to Grow and Care Aloe Vera Plants

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Aloe vera is one of the commonly found plants in any home garden. It is easy to grow and care for aloe vera plants.

This plant is very helpful for solving your skin issues naturally. Thus, this plant has been a part of the home garden for more than thousands of years.

You can learn the easiest tips on How to Grow and Care for Aloe Vera Plants through this content.

Growing Aloe Vera Plantspicture of aloe vera pots hanging in a yellow wall

Aloe vera grows best in hot temperatures. So, to grow and care for aloe vera plants, the spring and summer seasons are ideal.

This plant can be grown from their cutting or seedling. But, the easiest method is through its offsets or “pups”. You can easily find the offsets in your local gardener’s shop.

It is easy to grow and care for aloe vera plants. You can expect proper growth at about 3 years of planting the offsets.

Remember: Aloe vera is prone to root rot due to excess moisture.

Now, let’s study how to grow the plant:

#1 Choosing the Right Containeraloe vera in a white pot

Choose a container that would allow the soil to dry thoroughly. So, a pot made from porous material is recommended.

The pot should be about three times the size of the plant’s root ball with a proper drainage hole to drain out the excess water.

#2 Preparing the Soilpicture of aloe vera growing in soil

To grow aloe vera, minimally moisturized soil is necessary. So, use a well-draining potting mix, such as a cactus potting soil mix.

Also, you can add some perlite or building sand to the potting mix to reduce the risk of overwatering.

#3 Preparing Offsets of Aloe veraPicture of leaves of aloe vera plant

Once the mature plant produces the offsets and becomes one-fifth the size of its parent plant, you can separate it using pruning shears, scissors, or a sharp knife.

Remember, the pup should have a complete root system attached while pruning. And, dry the end of the pup before planting it in the container.

#4 Planting Aloe VeraPicture of aloe vera in a pot of rock

Now, it is finally time to plant the aloe vera. Remove dirt from the root of the offsets. You need to be gentle with the root of the offsets.

Place the offsets in the soil and slightly cover them with soil. Also, you need to leave about an inch of space between the top of the soil and the rim of the container.

Note that, water lightly while planting and then, stop watering for about 2-3 weeks. This will help the roots to spread out in search of water.

Caring for Aloe Vera Plantspicture of aloe vera plant in a pot placed in front of window

Now, you have successfully planted the aloe vera plant. All that is left is caring for this plant to grow healthy.

Let’s go through tips on how to care for aloe vera plants:

#1 Temperature

Aloe vera grows well in a warm temperature at about 20 degrees Celcius.

Your home temperature should be good enough. But, do not keep the environment cold.

#2 Watering

While growing aloe vera plants, make sure that the plant is getting the right amount of water.

Water the plant at the very least quantity. But, remember that the plant should not dry out completely.

#3 Fertilizing

Fertilization for growing aloe vera is not compulsory. But, if you want healthy and fast growth, you can use fertilizer.

You need to choose a low-nitrogen liquid fertilizer. During the plant’s active growing season – April to September, fertilize twice a month.

#4 Lighting

Bright, indirect light is ideal for the growth of aloe vera plants. So, the proper location is crucial for this plant.

Place the plant in a western or southern window for the plant to get maximum light. You can also opt for artificial lighting

#5 Disease/Pest Control

Like said earlier, root rot is the most common disease and harmful one too for the aloe vera.

Other diseases like soft rot, fungal stem rot, and leaf rot are very common. Also, mealybugs and scale are some plant pests that would affect the plant.

For controlling maj0r problems, you can just avoid overwatering.

#6 Extra tips for fast growth

Here’s an extra tip for you if you want to ensure the healthy and fast growth of your aloe vera plant.

Dust the stem or the roots with rooting hormone powder for new and healthy roots. And, this powder can be found at a local garden center.

Benefits of Aloe Veraaloe vera products

Aloe vera is a common plant grown in a house garden that is easy to grow and care for. It is both useful and ornamental.

Let me give you a small piece of advice: You can maintain the plant size and place it in a pot. If you place some multiple pots in a place, it would really look great.

Did you know: According to an article by M.Imran Qadir, HIV showed reduced reproduction by as much as 30% due to the extract of mannose from Aloe inhibiting HIV.

(Click here to access the full article).

And, the main purpose of aloe vera is its medicinal uses. Aloe vera juice is great for treating acne, skin burns, digestion, and oral health.

For someone who has eye irritations, dry hair, strains, and sprains, aloe vera can do wonders.

So, aloe vera can be important for both the attraction purpose and medicinal purpose.

Also, if you are looking for medicinal plants to grow in your home garden check our content onĀ How to Grow Basil in Water Indoors? (In Simple Steps).

Finally, I hope you would plant aloe vera and give it the proper care.

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